David Michael Madsen - Kristophari

Principle Architect

The founder of KRI Architecture & Design - an architect committed to the pursuit of excellence and great design, communication, execution, development, education, our community and the world.

Jason Durr_Black.JPG

Jason Durr - The Wolfman

Project Manager

Jason is a skilled and talented project manager. A technician and detail oriented, Jason brings a lot of insight and design ability to every project he works on. Jason has just finished his last exam, and is about to be a licensed architect and project architect.


Jim Mickey

Project Architect - Principal Architect - Consultant

Jim Mickey is a licensed architect in over 14 states, and has extensive knowledge and experience in large scale project design, construction and management. His firm ARCaDESMA and KRI work closely to pool their talent, resources & production capabilities to execute large scale projects across the United States.


Jim severt - hacksaw

Architectural Intern - Student

A badass mountain and race biker, Jim is currently studying at Portland State University and is working with KRI on several projects.


Lucille, RZA & super cooper

Production / Architectural drafting

The brains of our operation. Taking a break after a hard day of work to cool off in the summer pool. Well earned.



In House Chef / Food Taster

Here he is preparing a salad for the office. Can most often be found tending to the plants in the courtyard. Takes the most vacation time of anyone - approximately 4-6 months off every winter.