In Operation

9,000 sf Helicopter ski lodge

Ruby 360 is a Helicopter Ski-Lodge Located near Lamoille canyon in Eastern Nevada. The family that owns the project has been providing helicopter skiing services for over 30 years in the Ruby Mountains, and the project provided a unique and challenging set of problems to resolve in design, cost, material selection, and coding issues for their project.  

It's remote location, and primary function as a Helicopter Ski Lodge, coupled with the couples design tastes, and their desire to provide a unique and wonderful experience for their clients led to our ultimate design.  The site is located on 110 acres of land overlooking the Lamoille valley from the base of the Ruby Mountains and was a driving force in the shape and form of the body of the building - buried into the earth and reaching out to the sky in all directions.  From the back patio, it feels as if you are suspended above the valley below.