The Atrium - Designed with Arcadesma

The Deco - Designed with Arcademsa

PC蛋蛋幸运28The Art of Design and Execution

We believe that architecture should inspire and enhance our experience of life - to increase its depth and beauty.  Our environments have an incredible ability to influence our minds and emotions, and shape who we become and what we do.  It is within architecture that we love our families, write great treaties, compose symphonies, construct empires, and retreat to for safety.  The environment can protect you from the world, or inspire you to create your greatest works.  

The ability to take an idea and shape it into form, and to successfully complete and execute is a difficult task - one that takes creativity, knowledge, problem solving, perseverance, and understanding.  It is easy to come up with a vision, but to execute it through to success can be difficult and complicated.  

KRI Architecture & Design works closely with our clients, consultants and contractors to help you create and enhance your great ideas and visions - but then as importantly, to execute on time and budget.  As a firm we have a very high success rate on completion of projects and moving them from concept to reality and in many cases, financial success for our clients.

 Current Clients

Freight House Resi



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Cali Lodi

Recently Completed

Rubi-Mountain Heli-Ski

Park Lane - Building 1 - The Emory - designed with Arcadesma

The Atrium - Victorian Square

Whispering Vine - Midtown

The Abbi Agency

Current Projects Under Construction

Park Lane Building 1 - The Emory

Park Lane Building 1 - The Emory

Park Lane - Under Construction

Park Lane Building 1 - The Emory

KRI Architecture + Design / Institute of IDEAS / Cafe Perla Offices - Downtown Reno

The Deco

The Deco



California 24

TRIC - The Horse Oasis

1071 Haskell

On the Boards - 2020 + 2021


Coffee Roasters

Cafe Perla Coffee Roasters

Apropos International and Cafe Perla are a direct trade international coffee operation and that purchase, process, import, roast and distribute specialty coffee across Peru and the United States.

Mountain Retreat


Nestled in the trees on the North Shore of Tahoe, Pinecone is a family retreat with exceptional natural beauty and light.