The Design Process

We believe that the foundation of great design is the comprehensive organization and implementation of a process that starts with the creative and visionary schematic and conceptual design phases and moves into the detail and articulation of design development and construction documents.     Once the construction documents have been finalized, the stages of permitting and working with skilled contractors and builders to take idea to conception begins.

Our process in creating experiential architecture integrates our principle philosophies into 5 primary phases of design:

1. Vision & Driving Force - Intent
2. Conceptual & Schematic Design
3. Design Development
4. Construction Documents
5. Construction Adminstration

Initial Consultation

Ideas & vision

What is the purpose, the vision, the driving force and reason for the project.  What must it fulfill?  What are the parameters for success?  What must it accomplish?  What kind of financing is available?  What are the most prominent and important issues and code requirements?

Concept Development

The creative and constructive

How will it look?  What are it's parts?  What is it's whole?  What materials are appropriate?  What issues do we need to address and solve now that could become major issues later?  How do we get ahead of the game in preparation for permitting and construction? Are our decisions in alignment with our budget?


Design Development

REFINEMENT AND final design 

From concept to design development we begin to refine the dimensions, the materials, the constructibility and energy requirements.  We are usually working with a contractor and have a good idea of what the cost will be and the time it will take to construct.

Construction Documents


Preparation for city and county submittal, final details, energy calculations, window and final material selection, finishes and final drawings for construction.  Getting ready for construction and finalizing all the parts.

Construction Administration

Building & Construction administration.  Working with contractors and subcontractors to create a beautiful, refined and thoughtful final product.  To help achieve success for our clients.

Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski Lodge

Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski Lodge

Double Edge Cross-fit Gym - Floor Plan and wall layouts in previous Pharmacy